An Abundance of Katherines

“Books are the ultimate Dumpees: put them down and they’ll wait for you forever; pay attention to them and they always love you back.”

I have finally read An Abundance of Katherines. I did this because a) I finally finished The Book Thief (more on that later) and because John left a comment that I did not have to understand math to understand Katherines . And I suspect John – is John Green – and when an author leaves me note, not only does it make me giddy _ (I’m an author geek what can I say?) but it tells me I should actually read what I say I am going to read for once. So I did – and guess what? There is a lot of talk about theorems and graphs, and variables – and remember, me and math? – not friends. But as John said you don’t have to understand math to understand the story, although I am still not convinced math is narrative.

“And the moral of the story is that you don’t remember what happened. What you remember becomes what happened.”

But Katherines is as much about telling stories, and language (which Colin actually prefers) than math. And it is a love story, which, ok, was enjoyable but not nearly as much as the way the story was told. And isn’t the way a story is told what makes a story worth while – Lindsey Lee Wells thinks so.

“… maybe stories don’t make us matter to each other – maybe they’re also the only way to infinite mattering he’d been after for so long.”

And now for a little plot. Colin has been dumped by Katherine XIX (he only dates Katherines, and they always dump him) and he is wrecked, wrecked I tell you. So his best friend Hassan pulls him up off the floor of his bedroom for a road trip, which lands them in Gutshot, Tenn. There is a reason why it is Gutshot but I don’t want to get all English teachery on you. There they meet Lindsey Lee Wells – and that is all I plan on saying in terms of plot. Read the book.

“The stories they’d told each other were so much the part of the how and they why of his liking her.”



5 Responses

  1. I definety find humor in the fact that the main character of this book dates only people named Katherine. What a small world he must be living in, with a small amount of social interaction with the opposite sex. If I ever needed something to entertain me, this book will come to mind. However I’m not sure what I think about the fact that math has a “key part” or so it is said above, but I’m sure I could get around it and enjoy the story.

    Chisa Oros

  2. So, after reading this review, and finding interest in the topic, I went to Amazon, and checked out some other reviews done on this book. I think that this book sounds interesting, and I am tempted to read this novel to find out more about this nutty kid, Colin. Basically, I can understand that this book is about Colin, who dates Katherines. He breaks up with his last Katherine and finds a girl named Lindsey to hang out with. I don’t quite comprehend the whole math basis, but I am intrigued. This might be my next read.

  3. I hope my e-mail address is not out for the world to see…
    Hi, since Dad was showing me your stuff, on a lark, I read a bit of these blogs.
    I’ve also read two Kay Scarpetta books and I have no idea why.
    Cornwall’s voice is so bland! Plus I totally disagree with her politics, which shine very clearly through her brilliant prose.

    The End

  4. This book seem to be very interesting. I have never read it, but I am very interested in love stories, so i might end up reading this book sometime in the near furture. I think that Katherine is just a tipical girl, and probably relates to most girls in society. After reading this review it makes me want to read it. Very well written.

  5. This book would be a good one to read because it is a love story and I love to read stories like that. I like to read them because they can realate to everyones daily lives.

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