I did say back to books.

Another treat I found this weekend was Bleed by Laurie Faria Stolarz.  I enjoyed Blue is for Nightmares but by the time I finished White is for Magic I was done a little frustrated with the series, and her writing.  Which I feel a little bad saying because lord, knows I couldn’t write a novel.  But Bleed?  Bleed was good.    And well written, and interesting, and surprising.  It had been hidden under a pile of dr cleaning, so I am glad I found it.  Plus it has a great cover, which doesn’t photo well for the ‘Net but I love.

Bleed is a series of interconnected short stories, which sometimes I love but often leaves me wanting more of the characters. And that was true of this but in a good way. I loved Nicole’s story and I’d have liked to see more of it, but it was great how it came full circle. I liked how you saw glimpses not just of the characters but of who they were in other stories. I was intrigued by Kelly, if a little disappointed in her choice in the end. Why is girls like Kelly can’t just be alone? People need to learn how to be single, teens, 20 somethings, even mid-life crisisers. It makes being a couple so much better – or at least that is my humble opinion, well, not so humble.

T his wans’t a book that leaves me ranting – good or bad, but I did enjoy it, it did evoke emotion, and it once again helped remind me that I love teen lit. Really and truly.


2 Responses

  1. this book sounds like it is good ofr teenagers. maybe a little sports in every book doesnt hurt. but i might actually read this one. it sounds like something that i could start reading but i dont know

  2. Compilations are always nice. They always provide a wider arrange of perspectives, and they are so much eassier to go back to and read.

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