Borders Temper Tantrum

So I am in Borders to pick up Good Girls by Laura Ruby (Yea!)  and while I am waiting for my sixth grader to select a book in the Intermediate fiction , grades 4-8, I come across King DorkKing Dork DOES NOT belong in the intermediate fiction section where a) no self respecting teen will select a book from, and b) will potentially blow the mind of any 10 year old who tries to read it, and not necessariy in a good way.  This is a huge pet peeve.  I get that corporate headquarters has sent you this “children’s book” but please!  the children’s section???????????  Honestly.  So I moved it.  Next time I am going to be the crazy cutomer that gets blogged about and demand that they place in the rightful teen section.  Seriously.  Do it right people.


One Response

  1. I hate when that happens….or you have to go to the children’s section with the teddy bears and crap. They should just put them with the so-called adult books.

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