I haven’t been writing much, which isn’t to say I haven’t read. But to be perfectly honest my reading as been primarily sports gossip, and pop culture, online. I have read Goy Crazy, and Specials but neither really excited me enough to write about. I think that the Uglies trilogy dropped off, but I still love the concept, and I am glad I saw it through. Last Days comes out today, also by Westerfeld, so that is pretty exciting. For those of you don’t know the Uglies trilogy is set in the indeterminate future when people receive plastic surgery at a certain age. Of course there is way more to the surgery than just looks but if I told you then you’d miss out on reading Uglies, which is fab, and Pretties, also great, and Specials – which you have to read to finish up the series.

Currently I am reading Gods in Alabama, which I found through a blog I read but I can’t remember which one. I am really enjoying it, it has a great voice.

Now that school is underway I will try to be more blog diligent.


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  1. Well I started reading Gods in Alabama last week and to my surprise i am actually enjoying it. It has a little bit of a thrill to it and I recommend it to those who like books with real life situations.

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