Dear e. lockhart

I hate Kim. I hate her so much I feel like I need to start an”I hate Kim” club. I mean I hated her in the boyfriend list because of the whole stealing Roo’s boyfriend and then justifying it with that stupid rule about it being fate or whatever, and then getting all psycho about the fact that Jackson is l what used to be called a cad, and is now called a player, and what I just call an ass. But what she does to Nora in the boy book, getting all mad at her for what are OBVIOUSLY her own issues, and not believing Roo about the whole Jackson is an ass thing, I just hate Kim. She is a selfish girl, who obviously does not value anyone’s feelings but her own particular needs. And the thing is when I read the boyfriend list I was so amazed about the relationship between the girls being the real issue, and how so many people read that different than me that it became one of my favorite books and I wish all girls would read it. And in the boy book I was sad for Roo with all her still lingering issues because of her social ostracization (because Kim is such a mean girl) and was just really rooting for her, and I am so glad she knows that Jackson is such a cad. And while I know why she made the choice at the end she did that pretty much sucked. Sorry. But that is why you do what you do so well – it was honest (we library/english teachers/reviewer types call it an “authentic voice”). But in case you missed it – I hate Kim. Loved the book.


3 Responses

  1. Hey, I just came across your charming rant — my site monitor/meter whatever it is was picking up links from yours to mine so I came to check it out. I am so pleased you had such a strong response. That’s what I am going for. — E

  2. […] Landau Banks is seriously my favorite character in forever!  She is like Roo with an edge (Frankie would have loved Roo’s cupcakes).  She is funny, and smart, and so very […]

  3. […] like Elizabeth Scott, and in some way this reminded me of The Boyfriend List in similar theme.  The casual meanness, the girl relationship, etc. but boy was I […]

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