Golden – Jennifer Lynne Barnes

My recent epiphany about character voice tells me a lot about my feelings on this book.  I had a difficult time really committing to this book.  The main character, Lissy, sees people’s auras and a lot of the social politics of the book are related through the way the auras interacted with one another.  Which is a pretty cool concept, if you have a picture in your head that reflects the way the auras are interacting.  Lissy seems to be the only one in town who knows something is wrong with her math teacher, who has a “garn” aura; which basically means he is evil.  There are some other things going on, like how many people actually have special powers like Lissys, and the Lissy coping with her power – which she hates, and some very brutal high school social politics.  While it doesn’t have the atmospherics, or intense love story of Twilight I think Twilight fans will enjoy Golden.  It definitely is a good book for those of you who enjoy the supernatural twist on chick lit.


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  1. I really liked this book. It was awesome. I talk to the author sometimes because on myspace I was on The Mediator Fan Club group and she figured that I would probrobly like the book ( she talked to me before iit got published) . Before this book came out I was (and still am) “The Mediator Series” SUPERFAN! lol. People who liked the Mediator would really like Golden(like she said even though it dosent have a love storie)

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