Good Good Pig

I am on my way to New Orleans for ALA, meanwhile I am stuck in Atlanta airport at 6 a.m. Can I just say – airports need to provide FREE wireless. They charge you up the kazinga for everything else the least they could do is FREE wifi. HHMMMPPPFFFF!
I don’t have a lot of patience at 6 in the morning when I just got off a plane with the world’s skinniest seats – even if they did have XM.
So another book I read this weekend was Good, Good Pig by Sy Montgomery.
When I was a little kid – 10, or so, my father brought back to camp a feral piglet he had found abandoned in a field. It was starving, most likely because it was the runt and had been ”kicked out” of her litter. You do not bring a starving piglet around a ten year old and NOT bring her home, especially one who had read Charlotte’s Web multiple times. Her name was Wilby and she was very cool. She liked to be brushed, and if you didn’t brush her and she knew you were around she could get very vocally insistent. Unfortunately I, unlike Charlotte, could not save Wilby from my father’s nefarious plans. It was a verrrryyyy long time before I ate pork again.
All of this is to say that I love pigs. They are cool animals, and Christopher Hogwood is no exception. Chris liked to eat, go visiting, have his stomach rubbed, and oh yes – eat. I thought I wanted a pig until I read this. Chris was over 700 lbs.. That is a lot of pig, and slop. Because Christopher Hogwood was both a voracious eater, and quite gregarious the story is as much about the relationships the author developed through her pig, who at one time was a runt no bigger than a cat. Seriously.
I am not sure why I read animal stories. They are pretty much guaranteed to make me cry. Although I am finding I prefer non-fiction. I hated teaching the dying pet curriculum- Where the Red Fern Grow, The Red Pony, and that short story about a blind man and his horse. I liked The Good Good Pig better than Marley and Me because I thought the writing was tighter, but I wanted more Christopher Hogwood bad doing because they made me laugh. Although the mental picture of Sy Montgomery running away from Hogwood carrying the slop bucket while he charged after it was quite amusing.

Bottom line: good animal story, and a little bit more.


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