Saint Iggy

I have been silent lately because it was near the end of school when life gets hectic and I go into the defense mode of spending my evenings in bed, laptop on my lap, playing mindless games or watching Buffy DVDs. (Joss, please come back to television.) But this weekend I went into the woods where there is nothing to do but watch the sky and read.

One of the titles I read was Saint Iggy by KL Going. It doesn’t come out until September so it isn’t on the summer reading list but what is a list for if not to deviate from. The story was told in chunks so there wasn’t even the time commitment of a page, which will make it in format great for a reluctant reader. The story about a kid kicked out of school, with druggie absentee parents (Mom is on a meth bender, Dad drinks himself into a couch stupor) has its good and its bad. Iggy’s mentor, set up through a big brother type program has his own addiction problems that land him and Iggy in hot water with a drug dealer who samples his own wares.

I should have seent the ending coming but I didn’t because I was too busy being alternatly angry at a system that allows the Iggy’s of the world (drug baby, abandoned) to fall through the cracks until it is too late to help them, and having my heart ache for all the Iggys I know about, and those I deal with at school that I don’t know about.

I think in a lot of ways – the rich woman so openly accepting Iggy as a way to help her son – there is a lack of realism. But in others, Iggy’s home and feelings about his neighborhood there is an overwhelming sense of “yes this is right”. All in all I enjoyed the book.


2 Responses

  1. Im half way thought chapter 23 and i love the book. Iggy reminds me of some of the chariters I wrote about. I wrote alot of storys and im in 8th grade. Im reading this boof for a book report for school and im worried it is to religust. I hope the rest of it is not so much about god just because im not shure if my techer will alow that. But then again im only alittle more then half way thought so lets see!

  2. well…im reding the book i started today and couldnt let the book lying on my bed ..there….i had read half of the book and even though your right about there is a lack of realism, it has some emotions and situations real ….for example this feelings of being so confused about his they act…where does he belongs beacuse sometimes he feels he is not like them…bad persons,…and then this desire to prove people they are wrong about him… that Yes he is good and he can make things happen too…well thats why i think about it

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