Touching Darkness and Blue Moon

There is a 25th hour in the day for those born during midnight. The rest of the world freezes, and they are left to explore the blue time with the darklings and the slithers. At least that is true in Bixby, Oklahoma. In the Midnighters series things are changing in Bixby. I read the first book over a year ago and while I enjoyed it, it took a while to finish off the series. But I decided to start on my summer reading list and finish off the series. Touching Darkness seem to move faster to me, but Blue Noon was much creepier with unexpected events. The five midnighters each have their day in a book. In The Secret Hour it focuses more on Jessica and Jonathon, by the time I got to Blue Noon they basically annoyed me, and seemed less defined. In Touching Darkness, Dess came to the forefront but her anger at Melissa began to get on my nerves in Blue Noon.

Basically I think Scott Westerfeld rocks, I love his books and his blog. I am going to start Specials from the Uglies trilogy this weekend and can I just say I LOVE the cover of the Peeps companion, The Last Days (out in September).

Check out his books, they are worth your time.


2 Responses

  1. God, I LOVE this photo! Why didn’t they use this one for the cover of Last Days?! It would have been so much better…


    Except that the guys were guitar players and the only vampire girl was the lead singer.

    Great shot, though…

  2. All I have to say is that I absolutely love Scott Westerfeld. I went to France last year on an exchange and all I did was read. I even asked my mom to send me some books so that i could start reading the uglies trilogy. I finished Specials two days ago. I know it took forever but i just didnt get back in the mood. I started Extras two days ago and I’m half way through! what an amazing book. After my depression after hearing that there wasn’t going to be another book after specials this is a great way to make me happy again.

    PEEPS and The Last Days were also amazing books my best friend and I are in LOVE with vampire stories and she has even managed to write some good ones of her own. I am in love with Scott Westerfelds writting.

    I liked So Yesterday but it wasnt one of my favorites however overall, I am very glad that I own all of these books!!

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