Why I miss Quick Picks

If I were to be truthful I would say that I was burned out and ready to be done this past January when we finished the 2006 QP list. 2 years would have been 6 months too short and 3 years was 6 months too long, which isn't to say that I didn't love every minute of it because I did – even when I was slogging through the God / Beauty book written by the Tammy Faye look alike. (Who wears that much mascara?) Ok I am dating myself with the 80s reference, but it could be worse. But recently I've really started missing the book committee.
Here's why:
1) I miss being excited every time the UPS truck turned on my street, because I knew it was a good chance they were delivering something to me – a box full of books that would have something I have been desperately been waiting to read, and a few surprises as well. My husband is fairly thrilled he doesn't have to trip over boxes, and cart them to school, but my students and I miss Christmas in the library.
2) I miss feeling pressure to read. It is much easier wasting time watching The Hills on MTV, while Blue Noon sits unopened on my living room table. Especially since allergies make it difficult to keep my eyes open and concentrating, and lets face it Charles Barkley on NBA halftime on TNT does not take a lot of concentration.
3.) I just don't have enough money in my personal account to spend on books I want like: The Sea of Monsters, and The Rise of Lubchenko. Nor do I have enough budget money to buy all I want for the library. And I can't really spend money until September.
4.) I miss getting ARCs especially if there was a chance I could get a copy of What Happened to Cass McBride ahead of time.
5.) I miss having an excuse to force my way into certain English classes in the guise of getting teen feedback. Well guise would be the wrong word because I miss teen feedback too.
6.) I miss being able to track kids down with a new fabulous read I know they'll like.

In short Quick Picks was a lot of fun.


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  1. i love that shelf!

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