Sight Hound

It is unusual for a book to make me cry thirty pages in, especially to the point where I have to put the book down until I can see again. And I guess I should have known because a dying dog will pretty much get me every time. And I read Pam Houston because of the way she writes about her dogs. its like every dog she owns has a part of my dogs in him, like Jackson who was so crazy about getting in the truck you could be 30 miles out and “get in the truck, Jackson” would make him go just a little bit wild. I know a dog like that.
I am a dog person. Don’t get me wrong I like cats I just don’t own them. I do however have two dogs. Izzy, the little white “princesa” who doesn’t come when she is called, barks at animals on the tv, and sleeps between my feet so I can’t turn over at night. And Sergio, the big, black, klutzy clown who wants more than anything to be a lap dog, howls with the sirens, and drives you nuts everyday at 4:30 until you feed him. They have very distinct personalities and nowhere is that more clear than at doggie camp, but that is a whole different story.
In Sight Hound Dante, is the enlightened one determined to teach his human to love, or more to the point to have faith in love and leave her in good hands. There are multiple narrators and as always with multiple narrators I find myself liking some more than others. I liked Dante, but I preferred Rose (the other dog), and I really liked Stanley, the cat. I liked Darlene, tolerated Rae, and didn’t like Howard until the end. Brooklyn started out strong,but faded, and so did Dr. Evans – who made me cry.
It took me a while to get to this book, had to finish with Quick Picks and then I had forgotten about it but I was glad to find it again and get back to it – even if it made me cry on an airplane 30 pages in.



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