I am not normally a manga reader.  I have read some for the Quick Picks committee and I find after 30 some-odd years of reading left to right that it is extremely difficult for me to read right to left.  Plus I was never much of comics reader – except for Archie while my mother grocery shopped, but since I was, like, 8 I don’t think anyone gets to make fun of me for that.  I am not a “visualizer” when I read so the words and pictures thing is difficult for me when reading manga or other graphic novels.

All of that being said, I recently discovered Deathnote.  Which is this completely crazy, twisted manga series.  Lucky for me there is a student fan who brings me the newest volume.  A deathnote is a notebook that belongs to Shinigami death god.  In the hands of a human they can write a name in the book and the person will die, although you have to see their face as well.  You can use the Deathnote to control how and when they die.  The whole concept is more than a little sick and twisted.  And there are plenty of turns and plot twists to ramp up the “oh my god!” factor.

One of the things I’ve been interested in and struggling with is my relationship with the characters. I am one of those readers who has to like the characters I am reading about.  If I don’t, I get bored.  This is one of my problems with Memoirs of a Geisha (more on that later.)  And in this series I am a little torn.  I like the main character Light and his rival, L – but I just don’t know who to root for.  Light is in possession of a Deathnote, and he uses it.  At first when he is killing of criminals – I was a little torn but at least I got it.  Then he kills a FBI agent to protect his identity and I immediately thought he was an a**.  But it’s hard to root for L, because the books so far aren’t from his perspective.  Light is a pretty likable anti-hero, for a murderer.   :::big sigh:::

Anyways I am not sure how much longer I’ll stick with the series but when I first read it, holy moly!


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