Bass Ackwards and Belly Up

This weekend I read Bass Ackwards and Belly Up by Sarah Fain and Elizabeth Craft. This is basically Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants as they go off to college. Except that is the twist – 3 of the girls don’t go off to college, they follow their Dream instead.

The good of this book is that I like the idea of violating the sacred suburban rule of college after high school, of doing something different. Because their reasons for blowing off college are based on one’s insecurities and lies (she didn’t get accepted at the one school she applied to and doesn’t tell her friends) doesn’t lesson the impact of the experiences of the others, including the one who does go to college. Don’t get me wrong. I loved college. And I think for most college bound kids it is the right decision, but you know – it isn’t the only decision. Although this leads me to the bad of the idea.

The bad is that I have to question the realism. Lord knows people don’t usually have a) the connections Sophie has, b) the luck Kate has, and c) the talent (?) Harper has. The other bad is that like many multiple character books I find I am only interested in a couple of stories. Harper’s whining annoyed me, I just didn’t care what happened to her, and Sophie was remarkably shallow to the point of being two dimensional – I absolutly refuse to believe that there are people in the world who are that shallow! But I liked Kate and was genuinely interested in what happed, and I loved Becca. Still I wish there’d been more depth to the girls. I suspect that like Sisterhood books readers will like and relate to different characters so you may have a totally different reaction than me.

Finally the ugly – well I suspect that many, like me, will have a hard time seperating this book from Sisterhood which will make it ahrd to judge on its own merits. Another book that I am starting to read seems to have similiar themes – How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got A Life : A Novel which I’ll be sure to tell you all about.


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