Why Librarygrl?

I feel the need to explain this because well, it just isn’t a username that I’d usually pick and it actually makes me a little uncomfortable, and why none of you care about that I somewhat feel like it doesn’t really represent me well either.

Essentially the nickname “Library Girl” is an inside joke from a Geology fieldtrip back when I first started at my current POW. A student who couldn’t recall my name referred to me as “library girl” and it caught on.  It caught on because of my knee-jerk feminist reaction to the word girl.  I am not a girl, I am way too old to be a girl, and I have never been a grrrl either.   Not that I have a problem with “girls” or “grrls” they just aren’t me.

So here it is five years later and I am even less a girl (even if I do wear high heels, I mean I’ve reverted to the occassional socks with sandals which five years ago horrified me but neccessity has on occassion led to this horrible fashion foul, but I digress) and I’m going to try this blog and all my normal usernames are already in use.  So in a fit of frustration and brain freeze, it is Friday afternoon after all, I just fell back on the old nickname that on occassion is still used to push a button or two.

So in a way it is me.  I am of the female gender persuasion and I do work in a library but I am going to have to overlook all the connations and stop fretting because really – how much does it all matter?


One Response

  1. I think this blog that you stated is interesting and I love the name as well as the page layout. I also enoyed reading your entrees. There is fun, usefull info on this website for highschoolers. I also enjoyed your mini book reviews. I love to read, but have a hard time looking for them. I don’t know where to begin. So by reading your blogs I am able to absorb some knowlege about helpfull academic tools, sorces,ect and be introduce to all kinds of book titles.

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